Delta Chi
Rio Grande Area Alumni Chapter

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Delta Chi
Rio Grande Area Alumni Chapter

Welcome to the website of the Rio Grande Area Alumni Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity.  The Rio Grande Area Alumni Chapter was formed in 2008 and covers the State of New Mexico and the City of El Paso, Texas.  We are located in Region II.  

We welcome all Delta Chis to all Rio Grande Area Alumni Chapter events.  All Delta Chi members are always invited to accompany us to international convention and regional conferences.  Rio Grande Area members can help us decide how to vote on international and/or regional matters.  We currently have one vote for our Chapter and will get more as our membership grows.

Our goals for the Chapter are simple: Support Delta Chi locally and on the international level, advance our local Chapter and grow our alumni base to help Delta Chi expand to the New Mexico and El Paso areas so we may be of further service to Delta Chi.  Above all, our main focus remains the same as it was when we became Associate Members so many years ago.  That our close association may promote friendshipdevelop characteradvance justice, and assist in the acquisition of a sound education.

We urge you to become involved in Delta Chi.  If you have not done so already, join an alumni Chapter, donate to the charities that Delta Chi supports and subscribe to the Delta Chi Quarterly and In Briefs so that you can keep up with the goings on in our beloved fraternity.  We realize many things may bide for your time. We simply urge you to become involved in any capacity you're able.

Delta Chi truly is ... the Brotherhood of a Lifetime!

"Delta Chi was my first love; it shall be my last."
- Founder Peter Schermerhorn Johnson


"The Martletgoes out around  the end of the Fall and Spring semester each year with an additional "Convention edition"  going out shortly after each International convention. Contact today to sign up to receive your copy of our chapter's newsletter.

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